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The Shufu Store began to take shape at the end of 2020 in the beautiful coastal city of Campbell River on Vancouver Island in Canada. We started out with just a few fine slipper models suited for the colder time of the year, with other styles and designs to follow. I hope you'll have as much fun wearing them as I've had building this store for you.

I love China. The people, customs, language, geography, food…all endlessly fascinating.

On my first trip to China, a decade ago, new-found friends introduced me to guest slippers—light foot coverings to replace my "outdoor shoes." The slippers were more comfortable than shoes, more hygienic than bare feet, and they kept my socks and my host's floors clean.

It made me realize how versatile these one-size-fits-all slippers are. I started looking for reusable and more fun alternatives. While not meant to last a lifetime, Shufu slippers offered in this store are quite durable and washable. All come with an EVA non-slip sole. Some are thicker and warmer, while other models are thin and super-light. They are ideal to take with you for an afternoon visit at friends and on months-long trip to another continent.


Pronounced: Shoe-Foo(t)

Shufu has been one of my favorite words for many years, long before I even thought of opening an online store. It is the Chinese word for "comfortable" and "feeling well" (舒服 shū fu). To my ears it just has a much warmer, cozier, and comfier sound than its English counterpart.