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Huh, where are the Slippers?

I've taken them offline for now. Logistics get tricky when slippers try to coexist with T-shirts because they are shipped from two different locations. The only winner would be Canada Post!

Originally, they were meant as a travel accessory with fun designs, imported as well as printed with my own designs.

All slippers are really comfortable —I wear them all the time now— and even washable. Two obstacles sent them back to the storage boxes for now: shipping costs and the time it takes for customization. Weighing less than 100 g, shipping still was over $10 a pair. I had found suitable designs and eventually mastered the heat transfer process without burning the slipper material. Yet printing, cutting, and applying took way longer than I expected, even more so when aiming for the perfect position in the center of the vamp. Who would have thought that a deviation of one or two millimeters could look so off!

Of course, processes can be optimized or even outsourced if there is enough quantity, but then I had to ask myself, if that's really what I want to do?

A failed experiment? Not really. I've learned so much about all aspects of online stores, sourcing and importing products, printing technologies, fulfilment, design, and Affinity, my design suite of choice. We can read and watch thousands of excellent articles and tutorials, but we won't know until we try.

I've decided to focus on design and work with a professional print-on-demand company in Canada to offer Shufu products in the best-possible quality.

––  Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn  ––

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