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Changing Direction – For the Better?

Who needs travel slippers when we can't even pop in to our next-door neighbours at the moment?

Well, everyone who is stuck at home, maybe spending endless hours at the home office!

Gray days need color! Shufus will always make use of the full spectrum to cheer us up. With nobody else around to notice, we have to stand in front of a mirror to admire the cool design on a T-shirt. Not so with shoes! Just a glance down and we'll see them in their full glory. OK OK, enough praise for some silly slippers!

How will this shift away from a travel essential impact Shufu's product and marketing strategy?

  • It broadens the target group.
  • The lightweight attribute now caters solely to the wearer's comfort instead of luggage scales.
  • We can add a few models with a thicker sole since they won't be squeezed in a suitcase any time soon.
  • Our slippers' purpose now is to brighten up the whole day and not just a few hours in a guest room.

Maybe COVID-19 wasn't such a bad thing for Shufu!

I'm closing with one of my favorite quotes before retouching a few website areas so that Shufu Store can finally go live!


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." –– Albert Einstein.

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